Site Status Update
Hi all,

I really haven't done much to this website in the last 18 months. Until today. Today I disabled new member signups. The site has recently been flooded by spambots and I've recently deleted 18,000 accounts created by bots.

Since this site has had no improvements to it in over a year, I figured no one will mind being unable to join.

As far as the future of this site goes, eventually I do plan to work on this site (I've recently been buying some things offline specifically for NoteBrag). However I'm not sure I'll be doing anything to this site in the next 6 months or even this year. My priority in websites is CoinBrag and I've not been doing nearly as much there. If I'm able to get caught up there then I do hope to get this site going again.
Nicholas on Thursday 31 January 2013 - 19:17:43 | Comments (0)



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